Not a shouty Mum

I made a lot of New Years resolutions, as I do every year. Mainly about being more organised, losing weight, excersising more etc etc. And although I am still attempting to stick to them it’s very hit and miss.

One thing I have stuck to is stopping shouting at the kids. Things were getting very shouty in our house. The girls were shouting at each other and us, I was shouting at them to stop shouting and they were shouting at me, sometimes even growling! (This, I think they got from when I attempted to shout quietly at them!)

So a month after resolving not to shout at the girls, I am really seeing the benefits of it and feeling terribly guilty that their behaviour was so impacted by mine. Albeit by me attempting to make them behave.

I have to say that I am not a saint and have raised my voice when Lotta attempted to “help” Molly roll over or run off near a road. But I have really thought about why they are behaving the way they were and 9 times out of 10 it was because they needed me and I was distracted/busy. All I was showing them was how I handled being under pressure (shouting) and they were copying!

I’ve not been growled or shouted at for at least 3 weeks, I’ve stopped being driven by cleaning up, just whipping the Hoover round when they wanted to do something or rushing them out the door in a rush and am more organised. We’re ready for school 10 mins before we have to leave so no more screaming at them to put their shoes on for the 100th time!

It really has made our house a happier one and I feel like I’m really trying to understand the why’s of the girls behaviour rather than just the behaviour itself! ┬áThis is one resolution I’m definitely keeping!!