Starting school

My big girl started school on Thursday and has been quite a shock at how emotional I’m finding it.

I did think it was probably due to the hormones and being 37 weeks pregnant but it is definitely more than that.

I am so happy for her, she is SO ready for “big school” and going to nursery from 8am till 5.30pm 4 days a week means that I’m not worried about her being away from me or about her settling in. Even though she is one of the youngest starting, being a July baby.

But I just feel like I’m losing my little girl. I’ve realised she doesn’t ask me to pick her up very often anymore, and although she still gives me lots of cuddles and holds my hand – it’s not quite the same as it used to be, especially when I compare her to my very clingy mummies girl 2 year old. She’s even started going to sleep without me being with me.

All of these things are brilliant and just  show me what a happy little Miss independant she has become! But I miss her chubby little baby cheeks and complete toddler abandonment!

I know school is going to change her more and hopefully for the better. I loved watching her go off happily with her teacher and wave goodbye to me, I wasn’t expecting the tears that followed (mine not hers!)

i will be savouring every second with her and those cuddles while she still wants them!