January 2015: happy days

Here’s the things that have made me happy/greatful in Jan

  1. Molly giggled for the first time – heart melted! She’s still quite sparing with the belly laughs and I have to work hard to get one but she’s such a happy, chilled out girl I don’t mind
  2. Ella has been struggling to really engage with reading at school and while we still have a long way to go, she actually read a whole school book to us ( riveting read “in a pit”) and she was so proud of herself
  3. Progress with the house has moved on a lot this month. Ordered a carpet for the hall and stairs, our rooms painted, downstairs loo has been finished. Really feels like it’s coming together. Next step big wall knocking down and extension!!
  4. Re-connecting with Lotta. Really enjoying spending time with her whilst on maternity
  5. Working out the finances and realising it will cost me what I earn to go back to work before September so extending my maternity till then
  6. Getting back into blogging. Mainly via photos on Instagram. Have lots of things I want to write about and going to get cracking in Feb with that