Waiting…. Rant

3 days overdue. Feels like a month. Must stop complaining and thinking about how lucky I am.
Why won’t it just come out!?? Soooooooooo many people have told me how their third baby was early. This is not what I want to hear.


Come on baby!!!!!! And by the way old wives tales are just that. Have tried them all. ALL of them!!!!!


Love hate relationship with bump: 37 weeks pregnant

Can you tell I’ve reached the point where I am sooooooo over being pregnant!?

I can’t move without something hurting, I have no idea what my toes/feet look like anymore. I certainly have no idea how much of a tidy up needs to be completed before D-day, well I do, a lot, I’m just delighted I can’t see it!

I’m giving the ducks at the local pond a run for their money when it comes to waddling, no position is comfy to sleep in. I have never been do tired in my life and barely have time to think about what’s in my giant belly, counting down the days till I finish work at 39 weeks. But most importantly I am far too impatient to meet this new tiny (wishful thinking) member of our family. I can’t wait to see if the girls will have a little sister or brother. Although apparently if it is a boy, it has to be sent back!!

But when I do get a moment to sit and think (in the bath as I write!) and see my bump move with a little foot or elbow sticking out, I really love being pregnant. Knowing that me alone is growing a person, I’m keeping them safe and it makes me remember how as soon as I didn’t have a bump before, I missed it!

Very odd to have such conflicting feelings. In summery pregnancy is a bit like marmite. Some days it’s the best thing ever, and sometimes you just want to be able to lie on your belly!!

i will however never stop feeling eternally grateful for the fact that I am able to get pregnant and be a mummy.

3 weeks to go, am planning on trying ALL the old wives tales to get things going. Will let you know how that goes!