Pass the baby wipes…

So D day is looming, 4 days until baby number 3 is due to arrive, although going by my previous 2 things won’t happen for a while after that (no 1 had to be forcibly evicted after being 2 weeks late and no 2 was 3 days late!) Comd on number 3 you can be the due date baby!!!!


Are we ready. Um NO. We have no names, the house is still half a building site, I’m totally not mentally prepared for labour – although I actually managed to “tidy things up” down there so that’s a major tick off my to do list!


I’m so excited to meet this bump, to find out if it’s a boy or girl and those absolutely amazing new born snuggles. But I have lots to do in the next week or so, this shit is getting real!


I’ve just managed to have a sacred treat of a long soak in the bath and de-fuzz. But my eyes kept wondering to the fluff in the deepest darkest corners of the bathroom floor, and the slightly mottled effect on some of our bathroom tiles from dried in soap. So as soon as I got out the bath I grabbed the nearest pack of baby wipes and “cleaned” the bathroom.


Sitting in my room now I realise just how often I do that, baby wipes are my go to quick first aid for home cleaning. If someone tells me they’re popping round for a cuppa, I literally baby wipe every surface that person might see! I really must get more organised and have a proper cleaning rota for all the rooms! But in the mean time I gotta a lot of love for these small damp rectangles!



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